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At the Big Yes Centre for Spiritual Enlightenment, we operate from a deep sense of knowing that, at the core of your being, you are already enlightened. There are, however, blocks to your awareness of that enlightenment. We are committed to partnering with you to remove those blocks so you can experience more peace, joy and Love in your personal and professional life.  Some of our services includes:


Your life looks pretty good… your work, your home, your health. But there is a sense of discontent. For some, it is a quiet whisper; for others, a loud shout-out. Whichever it is, you know that you will not rest until you allow yourself to explore the answers to your deepest questions. You are ready.  Big Yes Coaching is not about giving you the answers. It is about creating the space to allow the answers to come to you.  

Presentations & Keynotes

Employees want to find purpose and meaning in
their workplaces. With her own awakening in a chaotic work environment, Sheila Kelly was able to “get the work done” in a highly productive way while honouring her own spiritual journey. No preaching allowed. She will share the 7 strategies of enlightenment that enhance individual and corporate responsibility. It is a new paradigm, a new way of being, a new way of “doing” work.


Sometimes the external chaos of our lives distracts us from healing the internal chaos within our souls.  On The Big Yes retreats, you'll learn how to connect to your inner wisdom and awaken your spiritual purpose.


Live Like You’re Enlightened.
Learn the 7 Laws of Enlightenment are a blueprint for living the highest version of you.  When you say Yes to learning and growing in this knowledge, you are inviting the best version of yourself -- your Highest Self -- to participate fully in your life.   The first step starts here...

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for your (Take This Job and Love It) presentation yesterday. The feedback was great; in fact, one of my colleagues thanked me several times and said she was glad she did not miss such a great and timely session. Our Registrar/CEO quoted you several times in our staff meeting this morning. Clearly, he was impressed!”

Gwen M. MacPherson, Program Manager, College of Physicians and
Surgeons of Nova Scotia   
- Halifax, ns

I am very grateful for Sheila’s insight.  I am leaving with a lot of useful tools that I intend to apply … everyday. 
I believe overall I am a better person and more importantly, have a better understanding of others.


“Take this Job and Love It” was thought-provoking, engaging, and fun. All of us were left more aware of our
workplace context and with strategies to bring more joy and fun to our work.