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about the big yes

and its founder, Sheila Kelly

I remember as if it were yesterday, the moment I “got it.” I was at home feeling more alone than I ever thought possible and thinking, “I can’t do this anymore. I cannot go back to that workplace. I cannot bear another moment in that place.” And then it happened. It was like a great calm came over me. Although there was no one else around, I felt that I was not alone. In fact, I realized that I could never be alone. There was “something” with me and from that indefinable “something” I felt absolute love. Unconditional, no-questions-asked, no-expectations-to-be-met Love. It did not speak, at least not in words, but it somehow communicated to me this message, “Stop giving them your power.”

It was an ‘aha’ moment extraordinaire when I realized I have been giving away my power, not just in the workplace, but in my whole life.
All the years I spent looking to others for approval and validation... never finding it.  And my best efforts always failed, because I was following a script that had been designed by others for me.   

I knew I had to write my own script.  Almost immediately after meeting that “something,” a book called A Course in Miracles appeared, offering up wisdom that changed me in a BIG way...forever.

For the next three years, as I deepened my understanding of myself and the programming of my tribe, I maintained a daily spiritual practice devoted to A Course in Miracles.  I also became a spiritual book junkie, reading Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Choprah, Gary Renard, Carolyn Myss, Kenneth Wapnick.

It was thus that I realized that the management training I had received had not served me very well in the trenches of a chaotic workplace. I knew that , when the time was right, I would be leaving that workplace and would offer a different type of training, different kinds of workshops… ones devoted to finding peace in any kind of workplace.

You are not broken, nor do you need fixing. You are already enlightened; you have simply forgotten the beautiful Enlightened being that you are.  With guidance, you can remember your Enlightened Self and remove the blocks to that remembering. 

The idea for The Big Yes Centre for Spiritual Enlightenment came about in 2015 after realizing that it was time to step more fully
into my mission and purpose. 

The Big Yes Centre for Spiritual Enlightenment is, first of all, not a physical space.  The "centre" refers to the "core" of who we BE as spiritual beings having a human experience.

On this human journey, it is relationships that are the catalyst for growth and development… personal, professional and spiritual.  The three relevant relationships are:

  • The relationship with the self or ego. The ego self is motivated by beliefs that are largely unconscious, meaning that it maintains its beliefs based on attitudes learned from parents, teachers, and other elders in their tribe of origin. At The Big Yes, we call this programming.
  • The relationships with others. When our relationships with others are out of whack, it is an indicator that our programming is wreaking havoc.
  • The relationship with our Enlightened Self. The Enlightened Self operates from a different paradigm than the ego.

Understanding the interplay of 3 aspects of relationship fuels the path to enlightened living.

  • B.A. Psychology, St. Mary's University, Halifax, NS
  • Advanced Training with the True Purpose Institute, the Barrett Values Centre, the Collaborative Operating System, and The Belief Closet
  • Certified by the Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, California

I hired Sheila only 3 months ago and in that time the transformation that she has helped me develop in myself and my career is nothing short of amazing.  Sheila holds a huge space for her clients and her courage to ask the hard
questions, no matter how uncomfortable has really pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  If you are seeking to not only find your purpose, but to truly live it, then Sheila Kelly is the coach for you.