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For small or large groups.

Take This Job and Love It!

Sheila Kelly’s spiritual awakening was birthed on the management front lines of one of the toughest union environments in Canada. A workplace incident that brought her to her knees became the catalyst for a spiritual breakthrough, as well as a workplace breakthrough. In this presentation, Sheila guides you through simple, practical tools that will help you access innate wisdom so that you can express your highest and best self without ever being “preachy.”

The Purpose of Leadership… The Purpose of Life.

Coaches are trained in the process of helping individuals find purpose, but Sheila discovered that that process can often lead to a dead end. That led her to ask some questions:  What if people aren’t really  looking for purpose? What if what people are looking for is much bigger than purpose? The answers to these questions are explored within the framework of a new paradigm… a new way of BEing.

Born to Lead.

True leadership is not about a title nor a position. True leadership is about stepping into the magnificence of who you are. After this presentation, you will understand the art, the heart, and the joy of leadership and how to seamlessly integrate your own leadership principles into your personal style.  This presentation is recommended not just for executives, but team leaders, managers, as well as anyone striving towards a leadership position.

A Course in Miracles.

A Course in Miracles has shaped and informed Sheila Kelly since it found its way to her over twenty years ago.  It has the deepest psychology and deepest spirituality of anything she has ever encountered,.  Sheila offers this workshop to deepen the under- standing of the teachings of this much misunderstood and often maligned masterpiece.

I am amazed at how one person can have such impact where you least expect it. Your gentle nudging allowed me to truly look at myself in a loving and nonjudgmental way and to challenge and deal with my beliefs in an effective way. I continue to use these strategies in my daily life and look within instead of without to solve my problems.

Kim Lively, Office MaNAGER – nova scotia